Julie Parker Art

Your Memories as Art......


I can produce a lifelike image of your chosen subject from a photograph, be it a loved one, a favourite pet, or a place that is special to you.


Your subject can be produced as a single image or as multiple images and can be painted in a range of mediums including pastel, pencil, coloured pencil, acrylic or oil.


Most commissions will take between 2 and 4 months to complete - occasionally I will be able to complete a commission in less time, but please allow as much time as possible especially if the commission needs to be completed by a particular date.


A verbal consultation is always a useful exercise to discuss your expectations and also to gain a better understanding of the subject and its significance to you.

The painting can be of any size which suits the subject matter as long as the final piece can be reasonably transported.


The cost and the time needed to complete the painting will depend on the size, medium and complexity of the subject. Paintings in acrylic, pencil and oil can be delivered without a frame, but pastels will need to be framed prior to transportation to reduce the risk of damage. Framing can be discussed on enquiry.


Deliveries can be made in the local area, or by courier, at the patron's cost.


Some Photographic Tips;

In order for a realistic painting to be produced it is necessary for good quality reference material to be supplied. A clear image taken at as high a resolution as possible, preferably using a camera rather than a mobile phone, will generally provide the detail needed.


If the subject is a portrait, a close up image which clearly displays the features especially the eyes, is essential to capturing the essence and expression of the subject.  The success of the painting relies on the visual information received.


A natural light source is far more successful than using flash photography which can often cause red eye. Avoid taking shots directly into the light, opting to keep the light source behind you therefore avoiding a bleached out image which could change the colour. Conversely avoid taking images in the shade as the image may be too dark to enable details to be seen.


I also understand that in some cases a current photograph may not be possible due to the nature of the subject, and assessment of these images can be made on an individual basis.

Some examples of my commissioned work.

DSCN1360 (412x640) comp13 comp14 comp11 DSC_0367comp sarah and chrissie 4 web